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Ultra-low latency – streaming with less than a second delay

Ultra-low latency – streaming with less than a second delay

At Rackfish, we have long history of working with low-latency streaming. Our interactive projects have often required the visitor to receive lightning-fast feedback in those situations regular streaming, that can often have a delay of 5-45 seconds does not work, the response must be direct. Therefore, we have developed solutions for low latency streaming with about 5 seconds delay and an altenative for ultra-low latency streaming where the delay is only 1 second.

Low latency streaming

live streaming of low-latency, low latency auctions

In many contexts, really fast streaming is required. All forms of interactive solutions get better with the low-latency stremaing – if you talk to someone or try to control something over the air – then low latency is not only important it’s a must. If you are going to remotely control something, the connection between action and response must be direct.

We provide fast, low-latency streaming, for example for customers in gambling and betting, where it doesn’t work to place a bet when a competition is already over. Auctions are another practice where we provide low-delayed video together with successful auction houses such as Uppsala Auction Chamber. Auctions require low-latency streaming for all its customers to keep up with the auction whether they are bidding from the venue, bidding by phone or watching the auction and bidding directly via website – perhaps from the other side of the world.

One of the market’s most popular protocols for streaming audio and video online, HLS, which stands for HTTP Live Streaming, usually comes with a 30-45 second delay. Low-latency streaming is often defined as broadcasts with around 5 seconds of delay, that is the normal time delay for TV broadcasts. Although 5 seconds may be more than enough for many, sometimes 5 seconds is too long for some applications, then ultra low latency streaming is required.

Ultra-low-latency streaming

Ultra Low Latency Streaming is usually defined as streaming that is so fast that the delay is only between 0.5 and 1.5 seconds. Today, ultra low latency streaming is as close real-time as you can get while sending audio and video to multiple recipients. In applications that have a few users, one can come down even lower.

We work with custom solutions depending on the application. Thanks to the fact that we use a combination of hardware and software and have knowledge of a number of protocols, we can usually develop well-adapted solutions.

Long experience in low latency streaming

We have for many years delivered low latency and ultra low latency solutions such as:

  • Live streaming of Auctions
  • Betting – Horse Racing
  • Store system – low latency streaming to gaming agents in different countries
  • Point-to-point Low latency streaming between countries
  • Games – interactive gaming experiences

Examples of low-latency streaming projects:

Contact us – we have the solution for you!

Since we control the entire chain, where we own both internet connections and servers, we can often offer tailor-made solutions at very competitive prices. Contact us directly to discuss how our low-latency streaming solutions can help you!

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