Anycast DNS Services

A stable DNS service is a must when relying on mail, web pages, online stores and other systems to work. Rackfish DNS service leans on 25 geographically dispersed nodes with 100% SLA for availability.

Rackfish Anycast DNS

With Rackfish DNS, you can manage settings yourself via our control panel or let us make changes when needed. We offer two packages with the same technology behind:

Rackfish Managed DNS includes all the changes you want to make. We move the domain for you and help with settings and advice for a low annual cost.

With Rackfish Self-service DNS, you get a lower price and handle all the work with moving and changes yourself.

Both services rest on an anycast platform with 25 nodes spread across the globe for the highest performance and reliability.

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Operation of DNS

We mirror our DNS servers against CIRA, which operates 25 DNS nodes in 16 geographic locations, load balanced and redundant with anycast. 24x7 monitoring and management.

Anycast DNS

If a node goes down, it is automatically removed from receiving traffic. Since the platform is located in two anycast clouds, there is full redundancy and protection against DNS going down.

DDoS protection

Protecting DNS against attacks is paramount. Through our provider CIRA, we have access to an infrastructure that effectively resists, isolates and manages attacks against DNS.

Our DNS services

Simply and clearly priced DNS for your domains in two tiers based on whether you want to take care of it yourself or have help.

Managed DNS

24 € per year & domain
  • Control panel
  • Send changes to Rackfish support
  • We help moving
full service

Self-service DNS

8 € per year & domain
  • Control panel

A selection of the customers we proudly delivered DNS to:


Frequently asked questions about DNS

DNS is used to translate domain names like into IP numbers by looking them up in the DNS system. It is not only web pages linked to the DNS system, but e-mail, for example, is also wholly dependent on DNS to work.

With Anycast DNS, several DNS servers share the same IP number and deliver the responses from the server closest to the user. The system provides better performance and higher reliability, which is vital for any function dependent on a domain name.

A DNS Alias record points a domain to a hostname instead of an IP number. It is similar to a CNAME but can point the entire domain instead of a subdomain to a hostname. Rackfish DNS supports Alias records – contact support!

No, you do not need to register the domain or have other services with Rackfish to be able to use any of our DNS services. Many customers choose us for only certain services.