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Rackfish Hosting & Online video

Rackfish AB, 556614-3243, conducts operations and online video distribution, primarily through the Streamio brand.

Rackfish is a wholly owned subsidiary of Phosworks AB.

Rackfish sits in the same historic building as the parent company, Uppsala Castle but on its own floor. Since we work with many industry colleagues for our parent company, we have always had the highest priority to never confuse these interests.

At Rackfish, our focus is to deliver to the end customer, whether it’s a magazine, webshop or campaign, the goal is to deliver reliability and performance.


Since 1995, we have had customers whose operations we were responsible for. It started simply with a server on a shelf, and has today grown into two operating units in Stockholm and Uppsala. Discussions to separate operations began in 1998, but it was not until 2004 that Rackfish became its own company.

The next step was taken in 2009 when we changed the name and profile of the company to further mark independence from the parent company.

In 2017, we have taken another step to become independent and have moved from the office landscape of our parent company to offices on our own floor in Uppsala Castle.

Rackfish-hosting-Uppsala Castle
Our head office is located in the northern tower of Uppsala Castle. Sitting in a 16th-century castle overlooking Uppsala's rooftops gives some perspective!


At Rackfish, we only have staff who work directly with customer jobs. We have automated most of the administration and outsourced work that is not part of the core business – delivering operational services. Another fundamental idea has been to invest in high quality and operational safety. This is certainly more expensive but leads to more satisfied customers and less support. With a total of over 500 customers, we are still able to maintain a very high level of service and fast response times despite a small organization.


We have the capacity to deliver small and large websites. Our customers are often international and whenever it’s needed (after all, we are “only” in Sweden) we cooperate with selected suppliers. An example of this is our CDN where we work together with a wide range of other companies to deliver traffic in hundreds of locations all over the world. We sometimes build hybrid solutions where our high quality is complemented by simpler cloud services for capacity or proximity to end customers and so on. Among our customers are some of the world’s largest brands and we have been responsible for websites and campaigns where traffic has been extensive and spread all over the world.

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Owner & Board of Directors

Rackfish AB is 100% owned by Phosworks AB, the board includes Johan Olde (CEO Rackfish), Ola Diös (CEO Phosworks) and Samuel Green (CTO Phosworks). The Board of Directors represents the principal owners of Phosworks AB.