Campaign hosting

We have for many years delivered the technology to campaigns, installations
and websites with temporary or special needs.
We have worked with agencies in different countries and coordinated really fun projects.
Campaign hosting is not the most common assignments, 
but very developing for us and often with technology at the absolute forefront!

Sometimes it takes a little more...

A mural painting in Mazatlan, Mexico? Live streaming from the archipelago, where there is no electricity or connection? Live stream to screensaver in California? Solution for Stream over 3G from the countryside outside Stuttgart or Streaming to a statue in Potters Park, London? We’ve done all that. From planning to execution. We bring the broad technology know-how and powerful servers for the delivery of the campaign.

The inside of a surfboard factory in Mexico

Odyboards Surf shop

Live streaming from Puerto Escondido in Mexico. The Internet was a crowded sector, after a lot of ifs and buts we got ADSL and were able to use 0.1-0.3 Mbps for our camera stream.

b-reel cloudhosting streaming

Nacka Strand

The world's largest interactive light organ illuminates Nacka Strand with over 5000 sqm spread over 95 windows on the winter solstice. Midwinter Light Up by Graviz/B-Reel

CNN debate on instagram

CNN 15 sec debate

Campaign that used video from Instagram to debate issues ahead of the 2013 German election for client CNN with agencies Heimat and Perfect Fools.


Digital Delivery

That's what we call it when we distribute your productions
  • Live and on-demand video
  • CDN, adapted to audience
  • Low latency video, for interactivity
  • The right servers. The right number. The right planning
  • Scaling, loading balance, emergency traffic management
  • On-call duty, Surveillance.


Not all agencies have in-house operating staff
  • Competence for the working group
  • System installation
  • Configuration and testing
  • Load testing and planning
  • Operation and monitoring
  • On-call duty


Efficient and smooth processes
  • No credit cards, we invoice!
  • Reliable Swedish supplier.
  • Invoice to customer, agency or other
  • Services tailored to campaign
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Invoice abroad? no problem.
Campaign Hosting

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