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Why do agencies choose Rackfish?

Everything you've ever dreamed of...


We're the same team.

You and your agency build sites and we know hosting. We are working together towards a common goal. You don't have to hire hosting skills, but you have access to it anyway. Our partner agencies can even get access to us directly in Slack.

Highest quality. Really!

There's a lot of factors to consider when it comes to quality hosting. We are not like other web hosts, vps providers or cloud services. You build really good stuff - we deliver just as well.

The tools you need but lack today

System technician directly in Slack. Technician without phone queue. Self-service or managed. Cpanel and WordPress panel. Cloud Director for professional server management. Free Dev servers. Invoice to the agency or customer. Automatic domain renewals. Support in customer meetings - you name it: We have worked with agencies all over the world and know this.

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We give you the tools you need 
to succeed


We have worked with advertising agencies, web agencies, IT consultants, production companies, movie producers, PR agencies, brand agencies and all other types of agencies by now. Long experience and the best looking list of reference customers (both agencies and end customers) you can imagine.


If you wish, we can explain in detail why and in what way our quality is higher than the most. And why it is better to use us than the large "clouds", for GDPR reasons, quality-wise and for the support we at Rackfish provide to all our customers.


We're not the cheapest on the market, but neither are you? When you sum up all the costs, it is not uncommon for us to actually have the most competetive prices. We have examples of customers who have saved a lot by moving "cheap cloud solutions" to "even cheaper (and faster) Rackfish solutions".


Come on. Don't you want someone to call? Or a partner available directly in Slack?
Or someone who actually can fix the collapsed server at 10pm on a Friday? Let go of the hosting operations and let us manage it!