Ultra low latency

Rackfish Live – Ultra Low Latency – delivers stable streams to viewers with very low latency from half a second.
Applications include auctions, sports betting and interactive applications – for mobile and browser.

Ultra-low latency = Streaming almost without lag

Live streaming always has a delay from the time the camera captures the event until it reaches viewers. Usually, this delay is between twenty and forty seconds. Such delay is the normal thing for live broadcasts on, for example, Youtube.

With low-latency solutions, the delay is around 5 seconds, and with ultra-low latency, the delay shrinks down to between 0.5 and 2 seconds. Perfect when syncing a stream to reality or for iGaming where the delay must be minimal.

Ultra low latency

Current standards

Streaming solutions based on modern technologies that work in standard browsers.

Rackfish globalt nät

Rackfish Net

Rackfish automatically optimizes all traffic across different providers and direct connections, resulting in a significant improvement in latency and packet losses compared to traditional networks
- especially important for video.

Mobile and laptop

Computers & mobile

Through a combination of technologies, we deliver live streaming with virtually no latency that also works in different devices, with high image quality.

Point-2-Point connection


Links for transferring low-latency and high-reliability video streams, such as between countries. Redundant solutions for extra high reliability can be delivered.

In-Store TV

In-store TV

Streaming to store, POS and the like with custom hardware as an alternative to costly satellite distribution when low latency is important, such as in sports betting.

Ultra-low latency streaming

Examples of Rackfish Live solutions for ultra-low latency. Of course, we adapt the solution and the service to suit your needs.

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Auctions, games or interactivity
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  • Delay 0.5-1.5s
  • Reliable deployment
  • Web & mobile

Set-top Low latency

Distribution to stores & gaming agents
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  • Delay 0.5-1.5s
  • From ingest to set-top box
  • Replaces satellite

Managed servers

for ultra-low latency
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  • Managed media servers
  • Traffic solutions
  • Custom ingest

A selection of customers who used Rackfish Live with ultra low latency: