Hosting with real invoices

Tired of credit cards and expenses? We offer many options for payment of operating services. Call us today to discuss your needs!
When buying hosting services, there is a lot to think about, but something that is rarely talked about is how the services are billed. Rackfish invoices are issued by ourselves, not a factoring agency, and we invoice large and small companies, the public sector and others. Invoice can be obtained as e-invoice, pdf or letter with multiple payment options.
Most of our customers have managed services and are approved for invoice with 30 days net, but we now also offer customers to sign up from our control panel, my.rackfish.comand handle   everything themselves. Self-service customers receive the same invoice as a credit customer – but often the services are not activated until you have paid.
Tired of email invoices disappearing and services being turned off?
With us, we can usually customize the procedures for billing domains, web hosting, servers, cloud services and streaming such as web TV to suit our customers.

Benefits of Rackfish invoices:

  • Swedish invoices from a Swedish-registered company (and Swedish servers).
  • E-invoice (state Peppol etc) as an option.
  • Choose auto debit and never forget your domain registration again.
  • Can be paid by Bankgiro or Credit Card(Visa, Mastercard and American Express).
  • Save credit cards for automatic payments. If you want.
  • Paid directly to Rackfish accounts (no funny business).
  • Professional partner (Billecta) who handles mailings.
  • Invoice portal (link on each invoice) that provides overview and quick access.
  • Can be scanned with mobile app.

Call us today and have a simpler life with less administration and less risk of suspended services or lost domains! 

More benefits for you as a customer

  • IT   and Telecom companies’ agreements – industry’s   standard agreement
  • Credit customers’ domains are automatically renewed– until terminated – even if the invoice is missed
  • Swedish-owned company operating in Stockholm and Uppsala 
  • Company registered in 2001 
  • Highest credit rating from UC

Combine services – simplify administration and management

Having web services spread across a large number of providers is often a big problem for organizations. Services to be paid by credit card are turned off, domains are lost, services that are tied to email addresses of employees who have quit become difficult to manage. 

At Rackfish you can collect all services and get a monthly invoice for domains, ssl certificates, web hosting, servers, vps, cloud services, video streaming, CDN and so on. It is a clear simplification for many companies to move from a number of suppliers with different billing methodology to a monthly invoice at Rackfish.

Being a rackfish customer is safe – we’ve been around a long time, we control our infrastructure down to servers and the internet connections themselves, no customer ends up in foreign cloud service providers.