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Hosting and operations for Life-Science

At Life-Science, we work with startups as well as some of the world's largest players. We host servers and websites. Video distribution that reaches all countries and is not censored in key markets, such as China, is another central feature. 360 video is another - it's pretty cool to be able to visit a factory that is not yet built!

Video and servers for the Public Sector

What we sell most of to the public sector is video streaming of meetings, city councils, and internal information. Our affordable Streamio service is well below procurement limits and gives users more money to actually produce films. The GDPR perspective of keeping data within Sweden and the EU is also important. As we are Based in Sweden and with our own servers located in Stockholm and Uppsala, Sweden, we can ensure GDPR-compliance.

Check out our self developed platform Streamio. If you are interested in a complete Online Video Platform that is developed by us and fully GDPR-compliant as well as accessible according to the WCAG 2.1 AA directive. With our video solutions you get legal and accessible services, where you own all your data, which many other alternatives cannot offer.

Hosting, video and special solutions for sports, gaming and leisure

Our largest market is leisure companies. In horse racing, we have some of the biggest players as customers and provide advanced server and video services all over the world. Point-to-point TV channels, recording services and CDN distribution. We also work in betting, gaming and spirituality!

Startups - from domains to full operation!

Startups have special requirements that fit well with our product portfolio. From the first domain registration to a real business with varying needs and budget. We have helped a wide range of startups over the years!

Press and publishers - server operation with performance and quality

We manage server operations for several online newspapers where operational reliability is of course necessary for revenue. Other services we deliver are CDN, optimization and video distribution. We often work closely with the developers and provide operational expertise.

Listed companies - reliability and world distribution

One thing many of our listed customers have in common is high demands on reliable delivery. Our customers include a wide range of companies listed in Sweden, Europe and the US. The delivery reliability and high quality of our services are usually things that are appreciated.

Partners of agencies of all kinds

If there's one thing we've done a lot, it's working with agencies. We have worked with advertising agencies, pr agencies, web agencies, film producers, IT consultants and everything else you can call it. We have worked closely with agencies throughout Sweden, Germany, England, Holland, Canada and the US and probably more places.

Rackfish is a reliable operating partner that delivers the same high quality that the agencies want. We do all that the agency doesn't have the time, resources or skills for - and we do it well. The agency can focus on developing pages, video and applications. Rackfish delivers. The agency gets a partner to talk to and doesn't have to be first contact on Friday night when something has gone wrong. And the customer can safely remain in Rackfish's warm arms when the contact person changes jobs or a new agency comes in.

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