Live transcoding as a service

Transcoding of live video as a standardized service or adapted to specific needs – as a separate service for events or permanent 24/7 streams – via our hardware cluster or in software.

Live transcoding provides the highest quality for the viewer.

Let each viewer access optimal quality based on their bandwidth. Our new transcoding platform has a tremendous capacity for simultaneous live streams. Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) allows the video player to choose from several streams in different quality adapted for each viewer, depending on bandwidth and what the device is capable of. If bandwidth varies, the player can automatically switch up and down in quality, which suits mobile users where the quality varies more. 

The handling is simple as the coding takes place in our data center. An incoming stream is automatically adjusted before the video is distributed to players. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

transcoder cluster for live

Support for H.264 and HEVC, in HDR and 10-bit, based on clustered high-density hardware.

live enkodering bitrates

Transcoding for the best picture and sound

Deliver the highest possible quality to each user based on what their connection and devices are capable of.


The right solution for different needs.

We provide solutions based on our GPU cluster, hardware and software-based solutions

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Live transcoding in Streamio

Video hosting service Streamio also uses Rackfish Live transcoding to deliver custom streams for hundreds of customers worldwide.

Simplify and streamline

Deliver a high-quality video stream to our live transcoding, and we customize and deliver the streams you want.

Complete video supply chain

Rackfish can offer complete delivery solutions for video, from ingest solutions worldwide via the internet or fiber, live transcoding, recording, and other processing to distribution.

Transcode live video in Sweden

Live transcoding in Sweden without any providers from "third countries" or foreign cloud services is safe.

Live transcoding rates

The services below are for live transcoding in our hardware cluster – other services are available.

Contact us for a discussion about which solution suits you best.

Live transcoding as a service

Exempel 158 € per month
  • 24/7 transcoding
  • 1 source 3 destinations
  • Buy without a subscription, 48 hours from € 99.

Streamio Livetranscoding

From 49 € per month
  • Ingest up to 1080p50
  • Delivered as
  • 480p, 720p, 1080p

Examples of customers we live transcoded video for: