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If there's one thing we've done a lot, it's working with agencies. We have worked with advertising agencies, pr agencies, web agencies, film producers, IT consultants and everything else you can call it. We have worked closely with agencies throughout Sweden, Germany, England, Holland, Canada and the US.

Rackfish is a reliable operating partner that delivers the same high quality that the agencies want. We do all that the agency doesn't have the time, resources or skills for - and we do it well. The agency can focus on developing pages, movies and applications. Rackfish delivers. The agency gets a partner to talk to and doesn't have to be first contact on Friday night when something has gone wrong. And the customer can safely remain in Rackfish's warm arms when the contact person changes jobs or a new agency comes in.

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Get in touch with us and tell us about your challenges. We probably have the solution! Talk to Johan Olde on 08-42501818 or:

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