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We deliver your web, install, optimize, makes it fast in Tokyo and New York while managing a live streaming without breaking a sweat.

Excellent digital delivery is critical. We want to help more businesses with our commitment, knowledge, and razor sharp delivery!

Agency? How about some campaign hosting?


“We are fast and stable enough for some of the most demanding clients in the world
– You should try us too.”

Martin Malmgren, Hosting-guru and CTO

“Digital delivery is the complete services, from registering domains to servers and CDN
– We handle the delivery and let the developers code.”

Johan Olde - Hosting specialist and CEO

So.. Web hotel and shared hosting are the same?


Web hotel, server or something else?
We know these things and can give you advice –

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to talk digital delivery +46-18-42501818

What kind of hosting
do you need?

Another video platform? I thought Youtube was the thing.

If you want to keep your online videos in order, you should use an online video platform, OVP, that can publish to Youtube and other places.


Rackfish explained

  • Full service and first-class support included

    We won’t send you to a “control panel” where you are supposed to perform voodoo to get your services working. We have pros for that at Rackfish. Mail or call us, and we’ll help you right away or book a meeting to clarify – after which we perform the tasks for you. We are here for those lacking time, appetite or knowledge to handle hosting.

  • A Swedish alternative

    We can deliver hosting with all services within Sweden. No funky big corporations under foreign jurisdiction. And yes, we would say that our services have been proven to work worldwide, ask us to brag about international clients if you need reaffirming.

    Call sales at +46 8 42501818

  • Are you developing a solution?

    As a developer, you probably know a good deal about hosting. We offer extra resources in projects – while we tend to the hosting of your solution, troubleshooting and optimizing freeing your time to concentration on development. We save your time and add experience from the delivery horizon to your project. And we monitor and act on disturbances, 24/7, so you don’t have to.

    Rackfish allows agencies and developers concentration on creating digital communication that we deliver.

  • That little extra

    To be able to deliver for the most demanding clients we have decided buy that little extra quality you get from the best suppliers. It is more costly to run that platform, but we save a bundle on having a reliable platform – night-time work is expensive and keeping a support department staffed to handle clients calling in as soon as there is a malfunction even more so. We love to tell you all about how our data-center, networking, and platform can give you a secure digital delivery.