The popular solution for publishing video online. 
A video platform with play channels and live streaming included. 
Built for everyone to manage video online easily, accessible and GDPR-safe.
One of many video services that Rackfish offers. 

Streamio helps the public sector, companies and organizations to publish video, live streams, play channels and podcasts in a GDPR-secure way with a swedish supplier. Our complete OVP is suitable for communicators and webmasters as well as video professionals and developers, as well as organizations that cares about data protection, GDRP and accessibility.

video package

The market's most flexible packages

Streamio has generous and free trial accounts as well as flexible pricing plans for all customers. If the pricing plans does not fit your needs, it can be customized in detail with custom storage and traffic. Each account has unlimited number of users and no strange fees
- you're simply paying for the usage.


Publish everywhere

Videos, live broadcasts and audio can be published on websites, on social media, as links and in our fast play channels. In 60 seconds, you can create a new play channel with a customized content and that can be password protected if necessary.

Free number of Play channels are included in all packages.

Secure platform

Streamio is Swedish and uses the Swedish online video & hosting company Rackfish AB as an internet service provider. Streamio does not collect user data and does not advertise on customers' materials.
All uploaded media is entirely customer-owned. And any media uploaded and published through the Streamio platform complies with the requirements of the Accessibility Directive - WCAG 2.1 AA.

Choose the appropriate streaming package

Here are the most popular packages with Streamio. On there are more packages and also the possibility to order test accounts.


From 69
per month
  • 250 GB storage
  • 250 GB traffic/month


From 129
per month
  • 500 GB Transfer
  • 500 GB traffic/month


From 249
per month
  • 1 TB storage
  • 1 TB traffic/month

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