Matomo hosting in Sweden

Matomo web statistics is a leading tool for web analytics. Matomo is based on open source and can be hosted on all servers. We offer Matomo hosting in Sweden, which includes premium plugins.

Comply with GDPR with Matomo web analytics hosted in Sweden.

Matomo hosting - web analytics as a service

Matomo Hosting from Rackfish is hosted on servers in Stockholm, owned by Rackfish. It is simply a safe and secure solution to buy Matomo as a service. The packages include all premium plugins, and the operation takes place in a highly redundant environment built to handle demanding video solutions.

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matomo hosting

Powerful web analytics

Matomo is a complete tool for web analytics. It has its own built-in "tag manager" and more accurate statistics than Google Analytics offers.

All in all, Matomo is an alternative that stands up well. Freedom, reasonable costs, and respect for privacy.

Matomo open source

Open source

Matomo is licensed under the GPL and is free to use. Everyone can, at no cost for the software, set up the platform on any server, cloud service, or similar.

In Rackfish Matomo hosting, we include premium plugins. That's a good reason to buy our ready-made solution.

matomo gdpr

Web analytics for GDPR

Matomo has excellent tools for handling personal data. You can also control where data is stored, for how long, and who has access.

With Rackfish Matomo hosting, Rackfish's own servers are used in Sweden. A good start!

More accurate statistics

In Google Analytics, reports are created on a sample as soon as you pass 500k sessions. In Matomo, the statistics are based on the entire amount of data and are, therefore, more accurate on larger websites.


Heatmaps (premium, but included in Rackfish Matomo Hosting) provide a graphical picture of how visitors interact with the website. How far do visitors scroll, where do they click, and how does the behavior differ between mobile and computer users?

Video analytics

Matomo Media analytics (premium, but included in Rackfish Matomo Hosting) provides clear statistics on video (and audio) on the web. Rackfish video platform Streamio has a Matomo plugin that reports statistics from video views so that the entire visitor journey can be followed.

Roll-up sites

For companies with several websites, it is possible to merge these into a standard "roll-up" website. All statistics from all websites in one account. Other accounts stay intact, and you can choose to see the whole picture or a specific part.

Form analysis

In Matomo's form analysis (premium, but included in Rackfish Matomo Hosting) you can gain valuable insight into how different forms perform. For example, see which fields cause visitors to leave and how much time is spent in each field.

Optimize conversion

Matomo's tools, such as heatmaps, A/B testing, goals and funnels provide an accurate analysis of user behavior for optimization and increasing conversion rates.

Matomo hosting from Rackfish

Rackfish has more than ten different packages to suit all sizes of organizations. Here are the most common levels that suit the vast majority.

Entry level

From 16,6
per month
  • 50,000 page views
  • Premium plugins

Slightly larger website

From 40,9
per month
  • 250,000 page views
  • Premium plugins

Large websites

  • Larger volumes
  • More websites

Matomo is the leading open-source software for processing visitor statistics from web pages and statistics for video. Matomo is a solid alternative to Google Analytics, where the protection of personal data and other data is more complicated.

Matomo is a tool for detailed information about visiting patterns on a website. The statistics for Matomo are either collected with Javascript, which can be combined with a cookie if desired, or you use the log files from the web server.

Matomo is open-source and can run on any server. For those who do not want to set up and maintain servers themselves, Matomo Hosting is a perfect solution. Matomo Hosting involves buying Matomo as a service. Rackfish sells Matomo Hosting in packages suitable for both small and large companies.

Matomo is a very competent tool for collecting web statistics. Matomo itself contains many features to customize this collection, but it is not the case that Matomo automatically complies with GDPR. For example, you need to ask for permission to set cookies and track users. You also need to review what surplus information can end up in Matomo via forms, paths and user IDs.

Matomo Tag Manager is a convenient function in Matomo where you add a tag to the website’s code. Then you can manage all tags for statistics and marketing (“pixels” and “snippets”) from one place – without having to change the website!

Matomo is free and open-source software. Everyone can download and launch Matomo on any server, at no cost for the software. Rackfish Matomo Hosting is available from €16,6 a month and upwards, including the so-called “premium plugins” that do not come with the free version.

Matomo tracks users’ IP addresses, which can be anonymized, time, information from the website such as URL and referrer (the page before), and information about the client (browser, screen resolution, etc.). Matomo works with or without cookies. There are excellent ways to tailor how Matomo collects and uses data.

As so often, there are pros and cons. A considerable advantage of Matomo is that it is possible to control what personal data to collect and where it goes. Other features that are appreciated are Matomo Video analysis and Matomo’s heatmaps.
Matomo may use cookies to save information about a visitor between the different visits, which among other things, allows you to recognize returning visitors. It is possible to turn off the use of cookies entirely or that they are activated only when a user approves the use of cookies.