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We’re committed to being available. Discuss hosting over a cup of coffee in a castle environment!

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Contact our customer support

For existing customers who need help, we can most easily reach moc.h1627021007sifkc1627021007ar@tr1627021007oppus1627021007 or 018-18 18 00. Remember to provide your customer name, invoice number, or domain on contact to facilitate the handling of your support case.

Questions regarding your hosting invoice?

Do you have questions about your invoice? The most frequently asked questions can be found in our knowledge base. Invoice copies and payment status (as well as emergency payments by credit card, for example) can be easily accessed by the link on the invoice – “Follow the case at”. If you need personal help, the best thing to do is to email moc.1627021007hsifk1627021007car@g1627021007nilli1627021007b1627021007and we will make sure that the right person takes care of your case!

Meet and talk about hosting?

We are on site in Stockholm, Uppsala and Dalarna almost every week if you want to book a personal meeting. An online meeting can be quickly arranged wherever you are. Call: 08-425 018 18   or email: moc.h1627021007sifkc1627021007ar@of1627021007ni1627021007

For the time being, we only take video meetings. Please book your meeting here:   https://www.rackfish.com/motesbokning/

Addresses for Rackfish hosting

Postal address: Rackfish AB, Uppsala Castle, 752 37 Uppsala

Visiting address head office Uppsala: Uppsala Castle, entrance A, floor 1

Data center Uppsala: Uppsala Business Park, Rapsgatan 7

Visiting address sales office Stockholm: Vasagatan 7A Business Center

Data center Stockholm: Equinix SK2, Kvastvägen 25-29, Sköndal