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Rackfish Cloud Server - Scalable Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)

quality of infrastructure for cloud servers

Server capacity at the right price and quality

We've put effort into every step leading up to your virtual server. The internet connections, the routing, the power supply, the servers, the redundancy, the virtualization, the overcapacity - with us, your server should not have to go down - not even for maintenance. A server with us often corresponds to multiple servers in the large clouds thanks to the high performance and redundancy. IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service is a service that can be adapted to the needs you have at the moment at a really good cost!

Prices on cloud servers

Below are the most common services with prices. Everything is charged by the hour, the monthly prices are starting prices.

Cloud servers compute

Choose your own connection speed to the server and complement with an Edge gateway to get firewall and load sharing to your machines. With an Edge GW, all your servers share bandwidth. The connection speed is set to the limit value, but the traffic itself is not measured, it is free to use the port speed.

ResourcePrice per hourPrice per month
vCPU (core)0,04 SEK30 SEK
High-Availability RAM per GB0,14 SEK100 SEK
Lagring, SAN, per 10GB0,03 SEK22 SEK
Backup, per 50GB350 SEK
Edge Gateway0,54 SEK395 SEK

Cloud servers networking

A server is made up of one or more vCPU, one or more GB of RAM, and the required storage. The services are charged per hour and can be freely increased, reduced, or suspended in the meantime. A turned off server is charged only for its storage.

Resource Net SpeedPrice per month with Edge Gateway (firewall, load balancing)Price without Edge GW
Network connection1 Mbps395 SEK0 SEK
Network connection10 Mbps445 SEK50 SEK
Network connection100 Mpbs495 SEK100 SEK
Network connection200 Mbps1145 SEK750 SEK
Network connection400 Mbps1895 SEK1500 SEK
Network connection600 Mbps2395 SEK2000 SEK
Network connection1000 Mbps3895 SEK3500 SEK
IP-number external25 SEK25 SEK


Features of Rackfish cloud services


Benefits of Rackfish Cloud Servers


Hardware – RAM

In addition to reserving the memory purchased and not overbooking it, so that the machines can always deliver the ordered quantity – we reserve it twice. If the hardware crashes the server is automatically restarted on new hardware!

Storage – Block storage

Servers have access to storage over two separate networks. Both networks are connected to dual controllers and the disk cabinets are able to lose several disks before they lose any data. The system uses a combination of SSD and SAS for data that need fast access.

CPU processor

Hardware – CPU

Many cloud solutions are over selling their infrastructure with many CPUs and allowing customers’ servers to steal power from each other. With Rackfish we have reserved capacity, and in addition – if a node starts to become loaded, the virtual servers are automatically rebalanced. One Rackfish CPU often lasts much longer than the other CPUs.

Storage – Object storage

If you want to use an S3-compatible storage solution that is completely based in Sweden with very high redundancy, it is also available. Fast access from servers and very high capacity are appreciated by those who have tried to move large amounts of data to foreign services.

cloud-data deployment

Network – Internet Connection

A really powerful network makes wonders for performance. All servers have access to multiple 10Gbps connections so that all instances can run at full speed. With three transit operators and traffic across hubs, there is always a good route and we automatically optimize – if networks are important, call us!

Backup – Data Security

Very high redundancy on storage is not enough, we also work with snapshots on servers for quick recovery and backups. Backups are transferred on our private, redundant, connections to our secondary data center in Uppsala. So if what must not happen happens, we have backups on your server services.



Since our virtualization is based on VMware, we never have to subject our customers to service restarts. We can guarantee the performance, build advanced solutions for accessibility and not even a hardware failure causes greater downtimes.



We use a combination of many techniques to give the best uptime. Redundancy, where everything is duplicated, via overcapacity that allows us to: shut down a server, an internet operator or a netswitch, we can also perform advanced service and upgrades without our customers noticing.

Based in Sweden

Sometimes local is easy. With servers in Stockholm and Uppsala, delivered from a Swedish company with the highest credit rating from UC. Swedish Standard contracts and Swedish invoices with 30 days credit.