CDN for lightning fast delivery
- worldwide

Rackfish CDN provides lightning-fast web pages no matter where your visitors are in the world.
CDNs make your content reach your visitors faster, improve search results, and make for happier visitors.

CDN means Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network. CDN is a network of computers that store images, video and other content from a web page on servers – often called Point of Presence (PoP).

By allowing visitors to download static content, such as images or video, directly from CDNs that are physically closer to visitors, most of the page will be delivered as short a way as possible. This results in shorter loading times, better SEO and overall better experience for visitors.

Benefits of CDN

Shorter charging times

Loading time is an important factor for SEO, Search Engine Optimization. Faster web pages get better placements on search engines. With a fast loading web page your have a much better chance to be placed on the first page of Google.

Shorter itinerary

Data travels as short a route as possible, which means that visitors download content directly to the nearest CDN server


Reduced server load

Because requests for static material are no longer handled by the web server, there will be less traffic and load.

How CDN works

For web pages

A regular web server, or a regular web host, usually consists of a computer in a data center somewhere in Sweden or the world. A web page visitor is assigned to this server and then retrieves everything on the page from that server. If the server is physically far away, it takes a little longer to send all the code, text, image, video and other data. If the server is also a little burdened, it becomes a queue that also affects the loading time.

Content closer to the visitor

A CDN spaces all content on servers that are spread around the world. A visitor from, say, Texas, then gets almost all the data delivered from a node in Texas, USA - while the web server only needs to handle a smaller part of the page view. In this way, the page charges will be faster, all over the world if you want. The web server gets relieved and can handle much more, even if it is high load and overall, visitors stay longer, buy more and get a more pleasant experience.

CDN Services

Through Rackfish you can buy the right solution for distribution of both video and data, through our own network solutions and partners CDN we can offer unlimited capacity worldwide.

Accelerated web

Storage, cache, and accelerated deployment
  • Network optimized for video
  • Object magage with traffic layers
  • Custom CDN solutions
  • Static mirroring solutions

Streamio CDN for video

Live and evil video services
  • Complete online video platform
  • Live streaming
  • Video on Demand (pre-recorded)
  • Audio and podcasts

Ultra-low latency

Low-latency video distribution
  • Video for interactivity, auctions, igaming
  • Distribution and solutions for high delivery reliability
  • Custom CDN solutions
  • Support for WebRTC, SRT, SLDP, and RTMP

Live streaming solutions

Live stream distribution
  • Ingest network / fixed connection (fiber)
  • Recording 24/7
  • Trans-code/mux/rate
  • Operation of media servers