openGear Hosting

Let Rackfish manage your openGear infrastructure in a best-in-class operating environment with optimized Internet and CDN services for reliable delivery. Combine freely with services for transportation, transcoding and other processing.

Highest quality openGear hosting

openGear offers flexible solutions for baseband, hybrid and IP-based video processing. Rackfish can supply slots or complete solutions of openGear for various applications. The operating environment offers a very high level of physical security with high redundancy on both power supply and climate. 
The fact that we also offer high-quality storage and delivery services, along with various types of compute services (processing, distribution, ingest and transcoding as examples) makes our environment ideal for demanding customers.

Why Rackfish Hosting

Rackfish offers openGear operation with the highest quality on every stage that affects operational safety. As an Internet operator, we can also check the next step in the distribution.

Why openGear

openGear is an open hardware specification with lots of applications delivered from companies such as AJA, Multidyne, ROSS, Vitec, Cobalt, D2D and Decimator.

Rackfish for redundancy

Affordable solutions for backup streams. Rackfish offers a very reliable solution as a backup for primary data delivery, over IP or fiber.


Mix different manufacturers, analogue, digital, video, audio, SDI and IP modules in the same solution for conversion, transport and infrastructure.


Transport and convert high-definition video with high reliability – deliver over leased connections and leverage our redundant and self-healing internet infrastructure for distribution.

NDI Solutions

With BirdDog's new OG4 card, one can encode and decode up to four channels 4Kp60 NDI - 4 SDI ports and 2 SFP+ ports for 10GbE

SDI CDN Ingest

Send up to 12G SDI over fiber to our data center for the highest quality and reliability, conversion, recording and ingest to CDN is done entirely in hardware.

Encrypted SRT/RIST

Send encrypted SRT or RIST (AES 128- or 256) over the public internet. Incoming ASI/TSoIP is delivered as TSoIP+SRT or RIST over the network to the receiver.

Video processing

Color correction, frame sync and up/down/cross-convergence, embedd or
de-embedd audio, etc.

openGear hosting prices

Contact us for a review of complete solutions and connectivity. Cards can be rented by us or we offer co-location for your cards.


From 90 € per month
  • 1 slot card, 23W Max
  • Redundant power supply
  • 1 internet connection (ex traffic)
  • Setup: 600 €


From 150 € per month
  • Multiple slots +700kr/month
  • Fiber connection possible


From 300 € per month
  • Monitoring with alarms
  • 2 internet connections (ex traffic)

Hosting for openGear with cards from: