Managed WordPress Hosting

A safe and fast WordPress operation. Rackfish takes care of the operation, security, backups
and updates of both WordPress and plugins. So you can focus on the content.

Just as it should be!

WordPress solutions for your business to work, grow and feel good

Are you feeling stressed about updates, operational issues, security, backups, and everything with WordPress?

Want to stop worrying about your WordPress web? Rackfish Managed WordPress Hosting will help you

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Därför ska du drifta din wordpress-webbsida hos Rackfish

Business critical operation

Why you should trust Rackfish with your WordPress sites

Of course, your page should always work. We'll make sure it does! In addition to at least doubling all critical parts such as power and the internet to avoid you being affected by a disturbance, we monitor the platforms 24/7. Even if a server breaks, we will never be crucial afflicted - our systems will just restart and in a minute the broken server is replaced. This means that your page will never be particularly exposed to threats and disturbances.

Säker och Pålitlig wordpress hosting

Updated and Secure​

Almost daily we come into contact with hacked WordPress websites. Almost every time it's the same reason - mishandled updates or other security misses. We can help you keep your page updated and secure so that your page is never one of the hacked ones. We'll take care of updates and we ensure that the security of your website is up to date, with firewalls and protection against attackers as well as automatic updates and backups.

Flytta wordpress webbplatser

Move and renew​

With our Managed WP plan we move your site to Rackfish, run upgrades and adds a SSL-certicate and redirect to your new location without interruptions for your visitors. We can also review different parameters to optimize your web, so you can enjoy a faster, safer and better website!

Rackfish managed

We are your hosting partner!

Managed WP from Rackfish - a trusted partner that manages your hosting. We make sure that your page is backed up and updated, both WordPress and plugins.

We help you with hosting problems and support your developers. We help make sure your site is as fast as it can be and we'll hold your hand when needed!

Credit card

Invoice or Credit Card​

Of course, we adapt to what suits you and your business best.

All our invoices can be paid by credit card or by bank payment. Either you order your package yourself and get it automatically installed when you pay the bill, or you contact us and get set up as a credit customer.

You choose what suits you best!

Swedish hosting - Rackfish Based in Sweden

Svenska tjänster

We are based in Sweden. We have Swedish data centers, Swedish contracting party, Swedish agreements, Swedish invoices. All storage is in Sweden, on servers owned by Rackfish AB. We are a GDPR-adapted option.

We have a good support team that speaks Swedish and English. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact us and we will help you!

Managed WordPress Paket

WordPress without headaches – need a customization, larger packages or something else, do not hesitate to contact us!

Web Hosting

Easy. Affordable. Good.
From 16 € per month
  • Sitebuilder
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Web Application Firewall

Managed WordPress

WordPress without a headache.
From 31 € per month
  • Simple backups
  • Staging sites
  • Automatic updates
  • We manage your WordPress site
Top choice!

Your own server

We alo provide server hosting solutions
From 59 € per month
  • Custom made based on your needs
  • Get all services from us
  • Or choose to manage it all on your own