Server hosting

Rackfish delivers servers you can trust and in the way you wish to have them delivered – packaged offerings, managed or infrastructure such as cloud services debited by the hour.

Quality at every stage

Memory server RAM - not overbooked.


RAM – Memory is reserved and not overbooked. 



Block storage – redundant at all stages.
SSD Accelerated

CPU processor


vCPU – powerful, modern and not overbooked

RTMP Receiver


Network – redundant, optimized and fast.

web hosting - shared hosting


Backup – moved over private networks, 100 km away.

Rackfish managed

Self service or

All our solutions are available with self-service - full and unlimited access for you or your developers and technicians. Or we can run the servers for you as a managed service with excellent support!

Credit card

or credit card

All our invoices can be paid by credit card or by bank payment. Managed customers have 30 days credit, self-service customers pay in advance.

Based In Sweden

Based in Sweden - Swedish services

Swedish data centers. Swedish contracting party. Swedish agreement. Swedish invoice. Storage in Sweden, on servers owned by Rackfish AB. Which means all of our infrastructure services are GDPR-compliant. Support that speaks Swedish and English. You can meet us - Book a meeting here!

Buy your server capacity in the way that suits you best


Take care of it on your own
From 59 € per month
  • High quality with full access
  • Like VPS but good.
  • Build the package you want
  • Linux/Windows

Managed Server

Safe. Easy. Focus on other things.
From 259 € per month
  • Rackfish CARE
  • Completely configure after your needs
  • Linux / Windows
  • Quality & Performance you are satisfied with.

Infrastructure / Cloud

A really good cloud offer
From a few cents per hour
  • VMware vCloud Director
  • Control your infrastructure yourself
  • Pay per hour
  • High quality - with self-service