Dedicated Virtual Servers

Your servers are business critical. You need a good server.
The requirements are simple – high performance that is not affected by neighbours, high redundancy and excellent uptime, for real.
And a great support, of course!

Dedicated Virtual Servers - quality at a reasonable budget!

The details that make the difference to your operation



Our quality stands out point by point. We have customers with extreme requirements - all our customers benefit from this. All these details where we let quality cost lead to one thing: Good availability. And good performance. Okay, it's going to be two things.

Secure cloud

Storage - Object storage

S3-compatible storage in Sweden from a Swedish company, with high redundancy, fast access and easy pricing.



With market-leading VMware as a platform, we can move customers when hardware is to be serviced, guarantee performance with automatic rebalancing, provide high availability as needed. Even a broken server is automatically handled in minutes. Safety and quality for our customers. Your servers are business critical. You need a good server.

Block Storage

Storage - Block storage

All storage takes place in our storage network. It is fast (SSD, many connections) secure (can handle broken disks and processors and switches and cords) and practical (all data is separated from the server - we can move AFTER a failure).

cloud-data deployment

Network - Internet Connection

A powerful network with security and capacity with most suppliers outside that is automatically optimized. If you're demanding a good network, you should definitely talk to us.


Hardware - RAM

Like everything else, memory is booked so each server gets what is ordered. In addition, we offer High Availability where the same amount of memory is reserved in our cluster to handle situations when hardware breaks. Awesome uptime!

CPU processor

Hardware - vCPU

Something that distinguishes Rackfish Virtual Servers from the many VPS and cloud services is that we reserve the CPU capacity we sell and automatically balance our cluster so that no single server becomes overloaded. 

Backup - Data Security

Our storage saves snapshots on servers for quick access and backups are sent to our secondary data center.  

Swedish hosting - Rackfish Based in Sweden

Based in Sweden

Swedish Company with Swedish owners. Standard Swedish agreements. Highest credit rating at UC. Swedish invoices and hosting from data centers in Stockholm and Uppsala. It's secure and clear!

A selection of the customers we proudly delivered virtual servers to: