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You can’t afford an hour’s downtime on your campaign!

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You can’t afford an hour’s downtime on your campaign!

We have seen it many times and all agencies recognize it:

A campaign sees the light of the day. Months of hard work and big investments. Then it breaks and the agency is in the middle of an inferno.

Who arranges? Who are we calling? Who is responsible? How do we fix? Now! Quickly!

At  the same time as you’re pumping out media purchases for large amounts, the capmpaign itself is down – or works like crap. You’re paying to get traffic, and the traffic goes to a dead end. Of course, the agency can spin it later: “The campaign was such a success that the servers got down”.

It’s to save the face, in the only way it goes. In fact, it is the poor planning and bad choice of campaign hosting that is the problem. Most of the budget went to the media, a lot to production, but then the delivery was left to chance.

A better campaign hosting

Your campaign should convert. When it becomes a success and and it pours in visitors you should celebrate, not look for panic solutions to keep it going. It’s our job. Rackfishhas worked with agencies and major brands all over the world and run really big campaigns. We do this in a smart way through high quality and good planning.

  • Rackfish has a long reference list. we know this
  • We have lots of overcapacity in our facilities ready for your campaign
  • Rackfish doesn’t overbook, so it’s okay if someone else has a good campaign at the same time
  • Our platform is extremely redundant, everything is at least doubled. It holds!
  • We monitor and act. 24/7, all year round.
  • Our technicians solve problems if they can, not based on work instructions.
  • With CDN you get super performance all over the world (or the country you need)