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Better video distribution with two new CDN

Better video distribution with two new CDN

Now we’re introducing improved capabilities to customize the CDN for your video distribution to meet the demands of your business.

Rackfish is a unique video provider in that we are also an internet operator, which means that we have full control over all aspects of the delivery. With our own servers, storage, encoding of movies – all in Sweden and full control of internet connections, we can guarantee both the quality and where your data is stored. However, we don’t have our own servers spread around the world that can handle unlimited capacity – that’s why, like any other quality provider, we use a CDN to manage the deployment. CDN stands for “Content Distribution Network” also known as “Content Delivery Network”.

CDN is thus a network of servers that help to quickly and with high security send data to users. These servers are interconnected in a large global network that specializes in delivering content, hence the name Content Distribution Network. The main reason why we recommend using CDN is to distribute data from a physical server that is geographically as close to the user as possible.

In order for Rackfish to continue to deliver the best possible quality to our customers, we are now launching two new CDN for video distribution, suitable for two different customer groups. A CDN optimized for global distribution through an American sub-processor, and a CDN for you with the largest share of viewers in Europe. The new CDNs are carefully tested solutions based on our long experience of various media distribution solutions. None of the choices exclude any viewers, the choices are mostly about law and performance. Many of our customers have almost all viewers in Sweden and find it problematic with American sub-processor.

American CDN, World Distribution with Fastly – the Global Alternative

The ideal solution for those who need the best possible distribution even outside Europe and can accept an American sub-processor.

For those who have viewers outside the EU, we are now launching one of the market’s very best video distribution options, with nodes spread all over the world, in collaboration with Fastly. At Fastly, we have extremely high capacity and can withstand large ammounts of visitors. We can also customize solutions for special cases – for example, we have already run a major event where we handled the distribution in Indonesia and India for thousands of viewers.

As of June 1st, this, World Distribution with Fastly, is our preferred solution for those who want the best capacity for video distribution to viewers around the world. With this solution, you are in the company of global players such as The New York Times and Spotify who also use Fastly.

Swedish CDN with GDPR custom distribution – the safe option

Fastly CDN
Fastly net 2021-03-21. In addition to a very high capacity, the proliferation of nodes in key growing markets in Asia, Latin America and Africa is important arguments for our customers.

The ideal solution for those with viewers primarily in the Nordic countries and Europe. Material is distributed in one of the best distribution networks for video and content in the Nordic region.

More and more customers are turning to Rackfish and Streamio due to legal problems surrounding current suppliers. Schrems II, GDPR and Cloud-Act are common question marks. To offer a solution to many of the problems, we at Rackfish have worked hard to now offer a Swedish alternative. Together with the leading Nordic CDN from GlobalConnect, we now offer you as a customer to option to distribute video throughout the Nordic region, via the same infrastructure that manages some of the largest online TV services. Of course, this also works for viewers outside the Nordic countries. If you have many viewers or are live streaming with many viewers outside Europe – contact us for advice!

With Rackfish Live or Streamio and our GDPR distribution, via our Swedish CDN, you have among the best conditions for secure storage of your personal data.

Rackfish offers a secure solution for your personal data

With Rackfish, you have control over your personal data, unlike many other services where you buy servers and cloud services from foreign actors. With us at Rackfish, and with GlobalConnect AB as a sub-processor, the whole problem with Cloud-Act has been eliminated. We are a Swedish supplier, with our own Swedish servers, Swedish storage services and Swedish network services.

Who’s that for?

Of course, the content also works with this service to play all over the world. Viewers outside the Nordic countries will be able to see films distributed through the CDN excellently, but it is not the best solution for live broadcasts with large audiences outside Europe. The solution, Swedish CDN with GDPR adapted distribution, is particularly suitable for municipalities, regions, authorities and other actors who have their audience concentrated in the Nordic region and who are keen to comply with the requirements of GDPR legislation.

Differences between our new CDN

All the CDNs Rackfish offers are qualitative and give you secure content distribution. The biggest noticeable difference is when you get a big traffic storm, should that traffic come from South America and you have the Swedish CDN, viewers will experience longer loading times but it will still work. Should you have the American CDN, your non-EU viewers will not experience such problems.

Which CDN suits you depends mostly on your viewers’ geographic location and needs. If you are unsure about what CDN suits your business the best, you can always contact us here.

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