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Bo Kaspers Orchestra Concert Streaming

Bo Kaspers Orchestra Concert Streaming

Concerts with the highest quality audio and video directly from Baggpipe Studios is a concept developed in collaboration between   Reakt Live   and Rackfish.

Bo Kaspers Orchestra

22 May 18.30

Bo Kaspers Orchestra with Frida Öhrn

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Tomorrow it’s time for a concert with Bo Kaspers with Frida Öhrn – one of the most popular live bands directly to your living room from Baggpipe Studios. An experience that lasts 1.5 hours and is available until midnight if you want to watch it later or re-watch!

The concerts are filmed with up to 12 cameras in 4K, with the right lighting and studio quality of the sound being masted before being streamed out with the highest quality, via Rackfish. Sound is a top priority, but the image is also processed to give that real proximity to the artists.

Rackfish provides streaming expertise, operating solutions and a customized streaming solution built on our service Rackfish Live. We also provide load testing of the systems, monitoring and working directly with Reakt Live as streaming and hosting experts.

Concert streaming - Bo Kaspers Orkester