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Live concert from Peter Jöback’s garden

Live concert from Peter Jöback’s garden

Rackfish continues its successful collaboration with Reakt Live and on August 29th it is time for the next live concert. This time Peter Jöback invites the audience to his own home for an exclusive concert in the garden.

It will be an intimate gig with Peter Jöback and his band at sunset from the beautiful garden overlooking the Stockholm archipelago. 100% live and that means what happens happens! Magical moments are created together with an exclusive sense of proximity that only takes place live.

The concert is filmed with up to 12 cameras in 4K, professional lighting and studio quality of the sound being mastered before streaming out with the highest quality, via Rackfish. Sound is a top priority, but the image is also processed to give that real proximity to the artists.

Rackfish provides streaming expertise, operating solutions and a customized streaming solution built on our service Rackfish Live. We also provide load testing of the systems, monitoring and working directly with Reakt Live as streaming and hosting experts.