Purpose-built streaming platform and hosting for all Reakt Live concerts

Rackfish + Reakt Live

The team at Rackfish have plenty of experience working with hosting, promotions, live broadcasts and online video. Together with the producers at Reakt Live, we have been putting on live-streamed concerts with some of Sweden’s biggest artists for over a year. The concerts are filmed with up to 12 cameras in 4K, with the right […]

Darin – Live Movie Concert

Darin Movie Concert 7 November

Be prepared for an extraordinary experience with world-class image and sound. A “movie concert” where all the focus is on creating a cinematic concert experience for those behind the screen.

Live concert from Peter Jöback’s garden

Rackfish continues its successful collaboration with Reakt Live and on August 29th it is time for the next live concert. This time Peter Jöback invites the audience to his own home for an exclusive concert in the garden. It will be an intimate gig with Peter Jöback and his band at sunset from the beautiful […]

Bo Kaspers Orchestra Concert Streaming

Concert streaming - Bo Kaspers Orkester

Concerts with the highest quality audio and video directly from Baggpipe Studios is a concept developed in collaboration between   Reakt Live   and Rackfish. 22 May 18.30 Bo Kaspers Orchestra with Frida Öhrn Buy your tickets   here! Tomorrow it’s time for a concert with Bo Kaspers with Frida Öhrn – one of the […]

Increased traffic on 24Sveriges servers

Local newspaper 24Sverige, with local news sites around Sweden, is breaking new visitor records and Rackfish servers are keeping up. 24Sverige runs a local news site in Uppsala where Rackfish is based, 24Uppsala.se, but is also located in Västerås, Malmö and many other cities. Total traffic broke records in Week 18 with nearly 2.2 million […]

Culture Night moves back home from AWS on Ireland

culture night aws cloud server to rackfish

Every year, Uppsala municipality arranges “Culture Night Uppsala”, which is Sweden’s largest cultural night, seen in the number of program points. From an operational perspective, the event is a challenge as the official website has a small load for 363, but days just before and during the event they get a lot of visits for […]