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Data Protection Day 2022

Data Protection Day 2022

January 28 is Data Protection Day , which recognises the importance of data protection and privacy

All too often it is forgotten that data protection is a human right. Personal data is regularly handled by virtually all the world’s companies where they collect information from which websites we visit, what clicks on, what products we are interested in, etc. Often these data points are used to provide better services and customized offers to one’s customers, but sometimes the data falls into the wrong hands. Personal data and data points that are used, sold to the highest bidder or otherwise handled without your knowledge are violations against the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR. Everyone has the right to high level of protection of their personal data, read the rules of the data protection regulation to see your individual rights and what companies that handle personal data are responsible for.

Rackfish cares about our customers and end users’ security, we do not want personal data to be disseminated and falling into the wrong hands. And we do not want to continue seeing Swedish companies and authorities that, due to the use of US cloud services, neglect their data protection and share all collected personal data with US companies and authorities. With Rackfish services, you can be sure that personal data is stored on Swedish servers and that we will never disseminate this information to any third party.

Second Wave of GDPR & Schrems II

Since its inception in 1996, the privacy and security of our customers has been a high priority for us at Rackfish. When the step was taken to GDPR in May 2018, interest and awareness of data protection for both companies and individuals increased. The Schrems II judgment, which came in the summer of 2020, was the start of the second wave of GDPR work. With the judgment, it became clear that US cloud services cannot guarantee the confidentiality of its customers, even if they use their own data centers and subsidiaries within Europe’s borders, as U.S. authorities, due to Cloud Act can obtain any U.S. company’s customer data at any time, wherever it is stored, without the end customer having any knowledge of this. 9 out of 10 Swedes are worried about how companies and authorities collect and use their data according to a report by The Swedish Internet Foundation. Don’t be evil, don’t contribute to the concerns about data management – instead choose a Swedish organisation with security in focus.

Recently, more reports of violations of gdpr have been received where one of these resulted in the US company Amazon being sentenced to pay a penalty of 746 million euros, equivalent to 835 millon USD. Although several Swedish companies have been condemned to pay expensive GDRP sanctions, these sanctions will not decrease now that there are readily available and safe alternatives.

GDPR and privacy can no longer be ignored and waved away. Actively opting out of US cloud services is the easiest way to avoid expensive fines and affirm swedish private individuals’ increased interest in privacy.

Computer Sweden has interviewed several lawyers who point out that the law has never before had such a great commercial significance. Now, at last, companies and organizations are really starting to see data protection issues as a business risk and a central issue. As a result of the Schrems II ruling, it has exploded with disputes and GDPR fines. Fortunately, however, there are several good alternatives that follow European laws.

Rackfish is a proud member of Based in Sweden, which means that we are one of the many Swedish-owned organization with Swedish-based data centers that makes it easy for you to choose secure cloud services. Rackfish has since its inception in 1996 offered digital delivery with high quality and high security, but there are of course several other Swedish alternatives to the US cloud services. By using Swedish suppliers who are members of Based in Sweden, you can sleep well at night in the knowledge that no million-dollar sanctions will land on your lap. By choosing a safer alternative to U.S. cloud services, your business gets an increased security and security that will shine positively in your customers’ eyes.

Data Protection Day