Gather your domains at Rackfish

Samla dina domäner hos Rackfish

A common problem in most organizations is that your web services are spread out. It is easy for an invoice to get lost and suddenly, a domain has not been renewed. The same applies to domains associated with a specific person whose credit card expired or whose email address was removed upon termination of employment. […]

Purpose-built streaming platform and hosting for all Reakt Live concerts

Rackfish + Reakt Live

The team at Rackfish have plenty of experience working with hosting, promotions, live broadcasts and online video. Together with the producers at Reakt Live, we have been putting on live-streamed concerts with some of Sweden’s biggest artists for over a year. The concerts are filmed with up to 12 cameras in 4K, with the right […]

Newsletter 2021-05


Here is a brief summary of the content of the newsletter we sent out in May 2021. To see the full newsletter, you can download it here: Newsletter 2021-05. Updated video distribution (CDN) We are now introducing improved opportunities to adapt your video distribution to the requirements of your business with two new CDNs. American […]

Better video distribution with two new CDN

CDN Content Distribution Network

Now we’re introducing improved capabilities to customize the CDN for your video distribution to meet the demands of your business. Rackfish is a unique video provider in that we are also an internet operator, which means that we have full control over all aspects of the delivery. With our own servers, storage, encoding of movies […]

Rackfish is expanding further!

Rackfish växer med ny medarbetare

Rackfish has expanded it’s business significantly over the past year thanks to increased demand for our hosting services and, above all, our Online Video Platform Streamio. With new customers comes new ideas and requirements, much of this we have managed to implement and we are pleased to announce that we are now expanding the Rackfish […]

Rackfish recruits new COO!

New hire for Rackfish: Chief operating officer

Over the past year, demand for digital delivery services has increased significantly. Rackfish, which offers fast and secure web hosting and streaming, has received more assignments and more new client this year than ever before. To meet the increased demand, Rackfish has now hired Jörgen Stålfors as chief operating officer.