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Purpose-built streaming platform and hosting for all Reakt Live concerts

Purpose-built streaming platform and hosting for all Reakt Live concerts

The team at Rackfish has plenty of experience working with hosting, promotions, live broadcasts, and online video. Together with the producers at Reakt Live, we have been putting on live-streamed concerts with some of Sweden’s biggest artists for over a year.

The concerts are filmed with up to 12 cameras in 4K, with the right lighting and studio quality of the sound being masted live, before being streamed out with the highest quality, via Rackfish servers and systems. Sound is a top priority, but the image is also processed to give that real proximity to the artists. Rackfish provides streaming expertise, operating solutions, and a customized streaming solution built on our Rackfish Live service. We also provide load testing of the systems, monitoring and working directly with Reakt Live as streaming and hosting experts.

Background to concert collaboration

Martin, CTO at Rackfish, came into contact with Jimmy, co-founder of Reakt Live, through a previous project. An auction site whose operation exploded, and the auction site’s manager, Jimmy, contacted Martin, who, together with the Rackfish team, managed to resolve the auction. After the success of the auction, for which Rackfish completely took over hosting, Martin and Rackfish became the obvious hosting partner when Jimmy was about to start a new project: Reakt Live, which specializes in live-streamed concerts.

Custom ticketing system, channel-page and streaming solution

Reakt Live collaborates with fantastic artists such as Benjamin Ingrosso, Tommy Körberg, Bo Kaspers Orkester, Peter Jöback, Darin, and others. With these artists, of course, a large number of fans will want to buy tickets to their streamed live concerts. To deal with this traffic attack of fans, Rackfish has built a ticket validation system that quickly and easily confirms that the purchased ticket is valid, and the visitor is then sent directly to our purpose-built channel site where the concert is shown. The ticket validation system ensures that the digital tickets work for the person who purchased the ticket, but not for anyone else. This means that the ticket cannot be shared with other people, but the person who purchased the ticket can choose to watch the concert on their computer, mobile, smart TV, or Apple TV, as well as Chromecasted or Airplayed to any smart device. The channel knows when the event starts and when the ticket will be valid. Based on this, relevant data will be displayed to the visitor. The video player has a DVR function that enables the visitors to skip back and fast forward in the live stream. DVR also enables visitors to watch the event afterward as a traditional video on demand as long as the ticket is valid.

Casting is always a priority for browsers that cannot handle both DVR and casting at the same time during live broadcasts. The DVR function is, therefore, temporarily suspended for as long as the live broadcast is in progress. After the live broadcast, the DVR function is switched on again, and you can re-cast while rewinding back and forth.

In conclusion, we have a good collaboration where Rackfish has developed the technology for ticket validation, the site, and the streaming solution. We also operate web servers for ticket sales and channel pages. Of course, we have load tested all parts of the system. On the regular web, we have a capacity of 6000 visitors during 10-minute intervals, while the site can handle significantly more. Without any problems, the streaming solution can handle one million viewers watching the streamed concerts at the same time.

Rackfish expertise solves your digital delivery

Working with these amazing live-streamed concerts is really fun as it utilizes all our specialist expertise – and the audience appreciates the quality Rackfish delivers! We have adapted the entire streaming platform and managed servers, hosting, and streaming for all Reakt Live concerts.

Rackfish delivers a complete solution with all the technical expertise and hardware a quality supplier that Reakt Live needs!

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