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Server hosting

Rackfish delivers servers you can trust. We deliver servers as you wish – packaged offerings, managed or infrastructure such as cloud services debited by the hour.

Buy your server capacity the way that suits you best.


For those who want to take care of it on their own.
Från 595 per month
  • Quality servers with full access
  • Like VPS but good.
  • Build the package you want
  • Linux/Windows

Self service or Managed?

All our servers are available with self-service – full and unlimited access for you or your developers and technicians. Or we can run the servers for you!

Managed Server

Safe. Easy. Focus on other things.
Från 2595 kr per month
  • Rackfish CARE
  • Completely configure after your needs
  • Linux / Windows
  • Quality & Performance you are satisfied with.
credit card

Invoice or Credit Card

It depends on how you want it. All our invoices can be paid by either credit card or bank giro. Managed customers have 30 days credit, self-service customers pay in advance.

Infrastructure / Cloud

A really good cloud offer
Från några ören per hour
  • VMware vCloud Director
  • Control your infrastructure yourself
  • Pay per hour
  • Rackfish high quality - with self-service
Swedish hosting - Rackfish Based in Sweden

Based in Sweden - Swedish services

Swedish data centers. Swedish contracting party. Swedish agreement. Swedish Invoice. Storage in Sweden, on servers owned by Rackfish AB. Support that speaks Swedish and English. You can meet us!

Quality at every step.

Memory server RAM - not overbooked.


RAM – Memory is reserved and not overbooked.



Block storage – redundant at all stages. SSD accelerated

CPU processor


vCPU – powerful, modern and not overbooked


Object Storage – Redundant, Swedish, S3 API

RTMP Receiver


Network – redundant, optimized and fast.

web hosting - shared hosting


Backup – moved over private networks, 100 km away.