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Darin – Live Movie Concert

Darin – Live Movie Concert

Rackfish streams D A R I N – Live Movie Concert Sunday, November 7, 7pm

Be prepared for an extraordinary experience with world-class image and sound. A “movie concert” where all the focus is on creating a cinematic concert experience for those behind the screen.

The concert will be broadcast and streamed by Rackfish, live from Baggpipe Studios in collaboration with Reakt Live and Darin will play songs from his entire amazing career such as “Ta Mig Tillbaka”, “Ja Må Du Leva” and “En Säng Av Rosor”.

Darin is today one of Sweden’s greatest artists. He is multi-platinum awarded artist for songs such as “Ta Mig tillbaka” and “Ja Må Du Leva”. Darin’s latest Swedish single “En Säng Av Rosor” has now been on Spotify’s Top 50 list for over a year with over 40 million streams and sold platinum 5 times over.

Darin finishes his tour with an extraordinary digital concert for all those who have not had the opportunity to go to the concerts during the tour. In connection with the concert, you also get to take part in an exclusive interview with Darin as an added bonus.

“It feels great to be able to play live, also for the audience that doesn’t have the opportunity to come and see my tour this fall and to have the chance to run a unique set in that format, I’m really looking forward to it” says Darin.

We at Rackfish are responsible for the administration and are streaming the event globally. We have extensive experience of large broadcasts for EA sports and Coca Cola, among others, as well as previously streamed live concerts together with REAKT Live and artists such as Peter Jöback, Bo Kaspers Orkester,Tommy Körberg and others. With our expertise in streaming and an incredibly fine production, we can guarantee an amazing experience.


The concert will air on November 7 7 p.m. on

PS! Unique occasion, the concert is broadcast live and can only be seen on the day of the broadcast.

The ticket costs SEK 299 including service fee of SEK 25 and VAT.

Tickets are out now on

Darin Movie Concert 7 November