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Faster and larger storage

Faster and larger storage

We are now expanding one of our storage systems significantly. The need for space is enormous and not least the video uploaded daily to our Online Video Platform Streamio increases the demands for fast, efficient and easy-to-expand storage. We continue to use CEPH technology at the bottom, but now supplement with significantly more space that also uses fast NVME disks, which have several times faster storage and read times than our previous disks.

We are also expanding capacity and redundancy as we add more nodes. In our system, the default setting for objects is that they are stored in three copies on three different storage devices – which provides a very good reliability.

For a little more technical details, we have supplemented with a layer on top of the storage cluster that makes the system easier to manage. We will migrate our old nodes into this system when the installation is complete. Then we get access to different types of storage that suit different needs in a single system. The system will offer both block storage for servers and object storage (S3 compatible), for example, content such as video storage.

When we installed the new system, we also took the opportunity to upgrade the network that handles the storage network significantly, in order to be able to handle increased traffic towards the storage. With any luck, we get a little break, before it’s time to expand our storage again! At the same time we are of course excited to expand since it means we have more happy customers!