We improved package loss and latency to your target audience


Rackfish strives for quality at all stages. One way we increase the quality of delivery of your digital presence is through a tool that actively searches for destinations where we have problems, and improves these if possible. With three Is Ps (Transit) and peering across STHIX, we have the opportunity to choose the best route. As you can see […]

Faster and larger storage

We are now expanding one of our storage systems significantly. The need for space is enormous and not least the video uploaded daily to our Online Video Platform Streamio increases the demands for fast, efficient and easy-to-expand storage. We continue to use CEPH technology at the bottom, but now supplement with significantly more space that […]

Ultra-low latency – streaming with less than a second delay

live streaming 4G mobile low latency

At Rackfish, we have long history of working with low-latency streaming. Our interactive projects have often required the visitor to receive lightning-fast feedback in those situations regular streaming, that can often have a delay of 5-45 seconds does not work, the response must be direct. Therefore, we have developed solutions for low latency streaming with […]

Google: Better performance and search results with Rackfish

Google PageSpeed Score - SEO performance

“Dagens Analys” has published an article about the impact of performance on Google search results, and this is an often overlooked resource that we help customers with. The article “This is how quickly your page needs to load to rank higher on Google” mentions that pages found on the first page load on average in […]

Cheap hosting at high cost – Uptime and downtime

hosting som fungerar bra

Cost awareness is something that we hold high on Rackfish, it is the very keystone of our business that enables us to offer our customers higher quality at a still very competitive price. In our book, however, this means that we hold back unnecessary costs, these are not productive, when we buy equipment, we often […]

Rackfish CDN – coverage 2019

cdn pop location

We are constantly working to optimize the coverage on our CDN – new nodes are added and areas that doesn’t work that well are removed. Contact our sales department on +46-8-42501818 if you want check the current status or get some help with a custom solution. Current coverage 2019-02-18 – note that all nodes are […]