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Some appreciation from The FWA

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Some appreciation from The FWA

It is remarkable how often one is ready to get on the phone and tell a thing or two to those responsible when something is not working as expected. But at the same time how seldom this is the reaction when pleased – even though we all know it means the world to know when your good delivery is appreciated.

One of our hosting clients is a pretty large cluster of servers for The FWA Awards, who since 2000 has shown and priced great web. If you ever visited a good agency the FWA-diplomas hangs visibly among other prices. Even Rackfish has received an FWA-award even though we are far from an agency.

FWA has loads of very demanding visitors, a lot of media. Target audiences in the US, China, Japan and the UK. Powered by some Rackfish hosting

When you see a tweet like this you grow some!