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Newsletter 2020-09

Newsletter 2020-09

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Here is a brief summary of the content of the newsletter we sent out in September 2020.

To see the full newsletter, you can download it here: Newsletter 2020-09.

Fall updates from Rackfish & Streamio

We are back at full speed after the summer, and the organization is working as well-oiled as ever, even though the times are challenging. Our offices usually stand empty, we don’t use public transportation, and all meetings are via chat, video, and phone. We are meeting more clients than ever before this way – but have not conducted a single physical meeting since February.

An apparent trend is the usage of our Streaming products for conferences, auctions, meetings, trade-shows, religious services, and funerals that are occurring daily.

New! Streamio Live Statistics

We are now presenting an addition to our Google Analytics stats integration, a near real-time statistics counter in Streamio, showing the number of connected viewers in numbers and graphs.

How is a live-stream created?

New blog walking through all those pesky little things needed for a live-stream: Encoding, ingestion, CDN, and so on. Everything that is happening after the camera before anyone can view the stream.

Working through the Coronavirus

Working from home has its advantages, but we can’t bring our servers home. Upgrades and maintenance must keep on. In our Stockholm data center, strict regulations are requiring the use of face masks as an example. 

High-quality cloud servers

Besides our standardized server plans with monthly prices, we sell servers by the hour. Some of the advantages of using Rackfish instead of the usual cloud providers are that everything is stored within Sweden by a Swedish company – using higher redundancy than most others and giving better performance thanks to no overbooking of the resources.

New! Cutting in Streamio

When we released the automatic recording solution in Streamio, we became aware of the hassle to download the recorded material to trim the start and end-points. Now, this is done within Streamio!

Aussie servers deployed

We now have servers in two cities in Australia that we use to deliver video between a TV-station in Sweden and Australia. We use two datacenters for reliability and convert incoming video to SRT for stable delivery between the continents. To our client, we deliver regular RTMP.

New! Live and Chat in Channels

We’ve released several new functions in Streamio Channels lately. Some noteworthy improvements are: Stream to Streamio Channels from Racksh Live (our other live- platform), making it possible to have two streams available simultaneously. It is now also possible to embed a chat in channels.

Live-streams available via API

With Racksh live, it is possible to integrate live streams into existing solutions directly via our API. We have new plans ready for clients that use many streams and want to integrate a stable live-platform behind existing products.