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Newsletter 2020-12

Newsletter 2020-12

December updates

Here is a brief summary of the content of the newsletter we sent out in December 2021.

To see the full newsletter, you can download this: Newsletter 2020-12.

Get closer with streaming

2020 was the year when Streaming exploded in the market. Not just video meetings and Netflix: All kinds of online video.

We at Rackfish have streamed concerts, fairs and meetings, services, auctions, lectures and, sadly, a huge amount of funerals.

We have also seen how servers and web hosts move home to Sweden. Question marks over countries, laws, where data is stored have made Rackfish a strong choice. Partly because we have operations in Sweden, but also because of our performance, redundancy and uptime.

Lucia Concert with Peter Jöback

Reaktlive produces music experiences in an intimate studio environment with top class on sound and image.

We at Racksh stream these in full HD, with transcoding to lower resolutions for poorer connections and DVR function in order to be able to “rewind” the material.

Autumn news in Streamio

During the autumn, a lot of news has been released on Streamio!

Examples of new features include movie clipping, updated podcasts, chapter support in movies, and more. Click here for demonstrations of these features.

Improved queue management

When uploading a movie to Streamio, there are several steps it goes through before it can be published.

We’ve made major changes to speed up the time from upload to publication.

It’s paid off! Now, uploading will be playable faster than ever before!

Movie customization (encoding) is included free of charge in Streamio.

Read more about our new queue management.

Custom video solutions

Rackfish has a wide range of streaming services alongside the well-known Streamio.

Services to build streaming into other platforms via API, links between cities, countries and continents, and ultra-low-latency auction solutions demonstrate our capabilities.

Our platform, built for video, allows us to meet most needs.

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