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Newsletter 2020-12

Newsletter 2020-12

Here is a brief summary of the content of the newsletter we sent out in December 2021.

To see the full newsletter, you can download this: Newsletter 2020-12.

The year of streaming

2020 was when streaming exploded! Not just video-conferencing and Netflix: All kinds of online video has grown tremendously.

We at Rackfish have been streaming concerts, trade shows, sermons, auctions, business meetings, lectures, and, sadly, also a lot of funerals.

We’ve also seen hosting workloads moving to Sweden. Questions on location, where data is stored, and legal issues have made Rackfish a strong contender. In part for hosting in Sweden, in part for our performance, redundancy, and uptime.

Christmas concert with Peter Jöback

Reaktlive creates beautiful music events in a very intimate studio environment with high-class sound and video.

Rackfish provides full HD streaming with on-the-fly transcoding for lower bandwidth viewers and DVR-functionality to make “scrubbing” in the video possible.

Updates in Streamio

Streamio is is updated continuously. We have added and improved a lot this fall.

Some of the newer functions are trimming videos, updated podcasts, publishing podcasts to Streamio Channels, and chapter support in videos.

Click here for some short video demos of these functions!

Improved video queues

When uploading to Streamio, the video passes several steps before being ready to publish.

We have made changes to this to speed up the time between uploading and publishing, with excellent results – an upload is now playable faster than ever before.

Read more about our new queue management.

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