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Rackfish recruits new COO!

Rackfish recruits new COO!

Jörgen Stålfors is our new Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Over the past year, demand for digital delivery services has increased significantly. Rackfish, which offers fast and secure web hosting and streaming, has received more assignments and more new client this year than ever before. To meet the increased demand, Rackfish has now hired Jörgen Stålfors as Chief Operating Officer.

"Jörgen's broad experience will give us exactly the contribution we need to develop the business and expand. Video services in particular, led by Streamio, have grown significantly with live streaming of concerts, events and conferences." 

Jörgen will, among other things, support the growing demand for Streamio, a Swedish-developed Video On Demand and streaming platform that complies with GDPR requirements, without the involvement of US subcontractors in accordance with the Schrems II ruling.

As Chief Operating Officer at Rackfish, Jörgen Stålfors will also be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the business. Together with the management team, he will lead and develop the business towards expansion and work with business development and implementation.

New hire for Rackfish: Chief operating officer