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Live Stream Interview – Försvarsmakten – 2015

Live Stream Interview – Försvarsmakten – 2015

Project Description

Campaign hosting and live stream for Försvarsmakten, Swedish Armed Forces in a campaign signed DDB Stockholm and B-Reel. The campaign is spanning over several events where the visitors can interact live with operators in the field. Rackfish is responsible for the digital delivery of the campaign which we define as delivering all produced digital content to the audience, such as hosting of web servers, media servers, storage, video ingestion services and content distribution, CDN._x000D_

Live stream

The live stream in this case is fairly complex with quite a few different streams with different purposes. RTMP-streaming with low-latency is used for those interacting with the operators in order to make conversation flowing. A variety of live streams is provided for banner advertising, where the video is adopted for distribution. Apart from that we are providing multi-bitrate HLS streaming for mobile phones and desktops. Rackfish provides live transrating of the streams (on-the-fly adapting of the different video-streams) as well as separate live streams for picture-in-picture and without for different purposes.

Nordic CDN

The distribution is built upon Rackfish CDN with the nordic-high-volume addition. Apart from our standard coverage this adds edge nodes in a circle in and around Sweden with massive capacity for delivery of both RTMP-based (“flash-video”) live streams as well as HTTP-streaming. For this campaign peak traffic is high due to massive advertising with Spotify, Youtube, Aftonbladet and Expressen where banners with live stream is used, in addition to the actual traffic to the campaign site with heavy video content.

Campaign hosting

Rackfish is providing the campaign hosting based on our scalable and robust campaign hosting package. This include everything that is needed for a regular campaign – apart from managed services and 24/7 monitoring, a very redundant server, development/staging server and more is included. This campaign uses our pre-booked vertical scaling (which is adding resources, i.e. more power in the server) which can be bought on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and can be combined with horizontal scaling (which is when we add more servers).

Campaign site, with live stream:

Client: Live Stream Interview – Försvarsmakten

Agency: B-Reel|DDB

Campaign Hosting: Banners|CDN|Hosted Campaign|Live Streaming|Managed Hosting

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