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2013 – the year in review

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2013 – the year in review

2013 was a big year for Rackfish. Multiple hosted campaigns won many different international awards; Our expansion into the European market was steady, and we saw hosting jobs in Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, apart from the usual host of clients in the Nordic countries. All these by well-known multinational brands like Adidas, Converse, Cosmopolitan, CNN and many more!

Notable projects 2013:

Swisscom – All Eyes on Samsung S4

This was one of the big hits this year. Together with Heimat Berlin / Perfect Fools, a booth was set up in the very busy central station of Zürich, Switzerland. There, people were to test out the eye-tracking capabilities of the Samsung S4 mobile phone. A person that could keep his or her eyes on the phone for a total of 60 seconds, won one! This campaign gathered all kinds of awards, including an FWA Site of the Day Award.

Read all about the project here: Swisscom


Adidas – Unite All Originals

An original campaign by Adidas, this campaign let the user join up with three legendary hip-hop producers to make an own hip-hop tune. Wildly popular with lots of media attention all over the globe!

Read all about the project here: Adidas

Adidas Originals Run-DMC hosting and CDN

CNN – 15 seconds

Before the German elections, media from all over Europe were allowed to ask the different parties questions. They had 15 seconds to respond or rebut the questions. A very popular format, as we noticed.

Read about it here: CNN 15 seconds

CNN Hosting

Pro-Bono work

We have also been working hard to increase the number of pro-bono projects we are involved in. The latest one, with big media coverage, was the one made for

We have also been working hard to increase the number of pro-bono projects we are involved in. The latest one, with big media coverage, was the one made for Stockholms Stadsmission – a nonprofit organization that works with homeless people and other persons in street situation. This year, an advanced Twitter-based system let donors send money through SMS-messages, and the people working for the organization went out the last few nights before Christmas to make sure homeless people got shelter, drug addicts got healthcare – but most of all to show that people do care about them. We are proud to be able to give back a little bit, and with Stockholms Stadsmission we now help on an ongoing basis:

Rotary Hjälper – a non-profit organization that helps out all over the world. Part of Rotary International.
Akademiska Barnfonden – a non-profit organization that with the donor’s help, buys toys for children in hospitals.
Unicef – Birthday for Sahel – A Facebook campaign where users can “donate” their birthdays to raise awareness for the situation in Sahel.
Guldäggspodden – a yearly media and advertising prize ceremony

Garbergs Nattjouren hosting

Acquisition of Streamio

And finally, as the last moments of 2013 were coming to an end, Rackfish acquired Streamio! Streamio is a leading provider of VOD (Video on Demand) services in the Nordic countries, and with their product portfolio under our wings now, we are ready to head on to a very exciting 2014!

Visit us and sign up for a free account! Please click here: Streamio

Online Video Platform Streamio by Rackfish

Adidas Originals Run-DMC hosting and CDN