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Adidas – Unite All Originals – Fall 2013

Adidas – Unite All Originals – Fall 2013

Project Description

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Adidas Worldwide campaign for fall and winter 2013, featuring hip-hop legends RUN-DMC and superstar DJ A-Trak is hosted and streamed worldwide by Rackfish.

In the experience, the visitors of the campaign site will be able to control an interactive music video adding special effects and animation via voice control.

Rackfish provides hosting for the website in our load-balanced campaign hosting cloud, as well as CDN services to support the delivery of movies worldwide. The distribution services are tailored to handle Adidas audience with distribution nodes in Asia, Australia as well as South America, supporting local audiences in addition to lots of capacity all over Europe and the US.

The campaign was created by Sid Lee and Stink Digital. Visit the site at

Client: Adidas

Agency: Sid Lee|Stink Digital

Campaign Hosting: Hosted Campaign

Project URL:

Services provided: CDN, Load Balancing, Managed servers, Site storage, Virtual Servers