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Nattjouren – 2013

Nattjouren – 2013

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Stockholms Stadsmission – a non profit organization – took to technology this year, as their Nattjouren was displayed live. Their mission is to go out every night before Christmas and find people that live on the streets, either out of poverty, drug problems, etc. They help the people they find to hospitals, shelters, give them food and human contact.

This year, people could send money to the organization through SMS-messages, and the people working in the organization would tweet whenever they helped someone. All could be seen in realtime on a map of Stockholm.

The project garnered lots of media attention, where for example, Sweden’s largest news program reported about it.

This project was hosted as part of Rackfish Pro-bono work, with state-of-the art hosting technology is made available for non-profit organizations.

2014 Lovies Gold Award for Public Service & Activism_x000D_
2014 Lovies Bronze Award for Charitable Organisations/Non-Profit

Client: Stadsmissionen / Nattjouren

Agency: Garbergs|Yours

Campaign Hosting: Managed Hosting|Pro Bono

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Services provided: Managed Hosting, Pro Bono