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Streaming Live – Birdie 24 Web-TV – 2014

Streaming Live – Birdie 24 Web-TV – 2014

Project Description

Project Details

The Birdie24″, a computer festival in Uppsala with a projected 4000 visitors with e-sports competitions, coding, workshops, cosplay, expo and more, was distributed to the world via Streamio Live, Rackfish live streaming offer.

This event has been used as a testbed for Rackfish, with a few interesting solutions and inventions.

Streaming technology

The streaming is handled by our Wowza based live streaming environment, and we also record all content that is transmitted. On location we use Teradek Vidiu live streaming encoders that ingests directly to our Stockholm Datacenter. Since IP-only is the provider for Birdie and also is one of our transit providers we are guaranteed a great uplink.

Edge nodes. In addition to our usual distribution channels we’ve setup a point of presence at Birdie. An estimated 900 visitors have brought their own computers and they are connected via gigabit network. With our edge-servers present at the location we can give the visitors the best possible streaming experience.

The edge nodes have a combined capacity of 20 Gbps, which alone can handle between 10- 20.000 simultaneous users, depending on the users’ available bandwith. Traffic from the outside is also directed to these nodes and with the capacity provided by IP-only (a stunning 200 Gigabit per second connection!).

Second screen done right!

The WebTV player, developed by Rackfish’ Daniel Gustafsson with cool 8-bit retro graphics by Jonathan Jernberg, premiers an unique and groundbreaking technology – video player integrated second-screen! With more and more users moving to a second screen usage, we have integrated the second screen in the actual player, giving the users a nice game to explore. Expanding beyond the retro traditions the game uses Node.js to provide a multiplayer environment.

The second screen can be hidden and taken forward as the user pleases, and with the layered webpage the second screen can be positioned relative to the first screen as suitable.

With the second screen embedded in the first screen we provide an environment where the users attention is more controlled, which we plan to explore further in the future.

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