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MyCosmo – Finland – 2013

MyCosmo – Finland – 2013

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Cosmopolitan magazine in Finland has launched using XCAP’s newly developed bloggazine flavour – a fresh new business model which uniquely combines blogging stars, readers and a series of smartly woven-in revenue streams.

MyCosmo is a fashion and lifestyle magazine published online which is created collaboratively by bloggers, readers and the MyCosmo editors. It features five of Finland’s most popular young fashion bloggers, specifically recruited for MyCosmo. The site was released with a bang during the Helsinki fashion week and was an overnight success – generating a record number of unique visitors for Sanoma Magazines, the publisher of Cosmopolitan in Finland.

“MyCosmo is a unique way of creating the magazine and content with the readers. The Internet, blogs and social media are an integral element of young womens daily media consumption. For example, the success of our Star Blogger competition shows how willing our readers are to be involved and to voice their thoughts. There are also those who don´t have their own blog but want to take part in content creation and be part of the community. MyCosmo makes this possible too,” says Miina Lange, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan.

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