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Flerhem – Hyresgästföreningen – 2014

Flerhem – Hyresgästföreningen – 2014

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We were hired by Hyresgästföreningen for their campaign Flerhem, which pushed for more homes to be built.

In Sweden, as in most other places, people need places to live. At the moment, almost 200 000 homes are needed for people of all ages, mostly young people. By inflating the balloon, people can make the home situation important!

By using a Raspberry Pi and a piggyback Arduino module, one can inflate and deflate a balloon remotely. Rackfish hosts, streams and supplies the cameras for the client, Actionist who has produced the site together with Coda Collective.

In this case we have used our Axis network cameras, that are built for outdoor usage and are easy to handle in public places since only one network cable provides both connectivity to our streaming services and power supply. The cameras can be remotely managed and our media servers (in this and many other cases we rely on Wowza Streaming Engine) can adapt the streams on the fly to the formats required. Streaming for any device (mobile and desktop) is possible with this setup. For this project, low-latency was a priority since close feedback for clients interacting with the video stream was important.

Client: Hyresgästföreningen

Agency: Actionist | Coda Collective

Campaign Hosting: Live Streaming | Logistics & other| Managed Hosting

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