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Cloud services – a better maintenance

Cloud services – a better maintenance

One point that separates different services is how you manage maintenance.You can sometimes get these kinds of emails for instances that run on Amazon Web Services

Briefly it says that Amazon is performing service at the hardware or on the basic system itself where the server is running. When you do so, the server will reboot. No strange thing really – but there are better ways for many years

In our platform of course we also perform different types of maintenance. It’s hardware that retires and is replaced, these are parts on servers that are being changed and we are updating both network infrastructure, virtualization and storage networks.

We don’t let it affect our customers operation, and we don’t require any contribution from our customers. We don’t even inform about it – because our customer doesn’t even notice it.

Our systems can automatically or manually move loads (=customer servers) between all our available capacity.In this case we should have marked the server or the servers as “maintenance” and then all customer machines would automatically have been migrated to equipment that is not affected.

This technique is amazing! It also do that our resources are automatically balanced – so if the load suddenly gets heavy in any part it will balance it automatically to ensure an even load and a good performance for all our clients.

Because we combine this with always having overcapacity, we never have to “steal performance” from one client to give to another. This is more common than you think – and it’s not quality hosting!

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