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Spore – Electronic Arts – 2009

Spore – Electronic Arts – 2009

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In June 2008 Electronic Arts and Maxis released the site for the hit game Spore, featuring a “creature creator” where users can create unique Spore-creatures and share them. Over 100 million creatures were created in less then a year using the site.

The site is developed using the API’s of Electronic Arts CMS, that is a custom solution delivered by Phosworks, as well as the SDK for Spore to connect to the Spore game servers. For the site itself, development was made on Coldfusion 8.

The site has been awarded with a NMA Effectiveness award in Entertainment and Best in Class Interactive Media Award

Client: Electronic Arts

Agency: Lightmaker|Phosworks

Campaign Hosting: Managed Hosting

Project URL:

Services provided: Managed servers, Virtual Servers