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Pacifico Rooster Alarm

Pacifico Rooster Alarm

For the Mexican beer brand Pacifico, we helped produce a campaign together with Swedish agency Perfect Fools. The campaign was meant to give the viewers, mainly on the US West Coast, a “taste” of Mexico.


A real-life rooster was put in a pen, that was painted with the Pacifico logo and kept there for 2 years. A network camera streamed 24/7 and visitors to the special website set up for this project could download a screensaver that was sound activated. Every time the rooster, named Claudio, crowed, the screen saver was activated on the user’s computer and showed live video footage. A special iPhone application was also made with an alarm function so that the user could be woken up with a prerecorded clip of Claudio.

Rackfish did the location scouting in Mexico, built the rooster pen, bought the rooster, set up network cameras and did all necessary installation and painting of the pen, as well as caring for Claudio for two years. The video was sent to Sweden for encoding, then sent to a CDN in Amsterdam, where it was redistributed to a data center in Atlanta, GA and from there distributed to the US West Coast.

For this project we used a fairly simple network camera, an Axis M1031-W. Actually a camera for indoor use, but very useful for us since it has an integrated microphone. We made a weatherproof casing for the camera and used it for over 2 years without interruption!

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