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Now accepting credit cards!

Now accepting credit cards!

As of today, we have the option to receive credit card payment for almost all invoices.  We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. If your invoice can be paid with credit card you will find a button marked “Card” under “Payment details” on the payment page.
To get to the payment page, follow the card link found on your invoice. This leads to Billecta, our invoice service provider. When you click on that link, the details for your invoice are pre-filled.
Click “Get Case” and the page will open with all the information about your invoice. Under the heading payment details in the middle you can select “Card” and pay the invoice by credit card!
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On each invoice there is a card link where you can find payment details, overdue invoices and, for example, OCR information for scanning with a banking app. And now also credit card payment.


rackfish web hosting-invoice sign-in
After clicking on the link on the invoice, you will be taken to the invoice portal login. The information from the invoice is pre-filled.


rackfish serverhosting credit card payment
If you click the “card” button under “Payment details”, a form opens to pay the bill by credit card. We accept American Express, Visa and Mastercard


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