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Hardford – Be your mood – 2014

Hardford – Be your mood – 2014

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Be your mood is a series of cosmetic products by Hardford.

Hardford is a leading supplier of cosmetics, skincare and hair care products in Scandinavia. They have been developing and manufacturing strong brands and products from their own facility in Linköping since the launch in 1988.

The website for Be your mood contains a product catalogue, guides and videos and is produced by Linkin production agency.

The site is hosted with Rackfish Basic server, which is a cost efficient yet powerful alternative to shared hosting. With shared hosting, “web hotel”, all resources are shared with other tenants, while our servers offer dedicated capacity for demanding clients. These servers can be expanded fast if needed with both capacity and management-services which makes it future proof.

Client: Hardford

Agency: Linkin

Campaign Hosting: Hosted Campaign

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