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Improved invoicing

Improved invoicing

Invoice periods
We require payment for our services in advance. An improvement was made earlier when we went from invoicing running costs during a month to automating the invoicing once per month. We invoice all contracts that begin the second next calendar month, e.g. we send an invoice on the last day of January for all contracts payable during March, with 30 days due to payment.

New invoicing periods
From the latest invoice, you have received, all contracts are “normalized” to have a start date the 1st of each month. For some contracts, this is however not possible – for example domains that have a specific start date. These stand with the original contract date.

This means that we from the 30th of November 2013 will invoice all contracts that begin in January 2014. Contract periods running from January 1st – February 1st are invoiced normally. If the contract period runs from January 15th – February 15th, the invoice will only apply to the dates January 15th – February 1st. The following month, the invoice will state February 1st – February 29th.

New services that have been ordered, for example on the 15th of November, will be invoiced with a correction period from November 15th – December 1st, and also for the entirety of December 2013 and January 2014. After this correction, the contract is “up to date” and the next invoice will be for the entire month of February.

E-mail invoices
We have had the possibility to send invoices with e-mail, normal mail, or a combination of both for some time now. Please send us an email to to change the way we distribute your invoices.

Invoice contact
Another new feature is that we can send the invoice to another company, address or contact through e-mail or normal mail. Please note that we need to have an agreement with the actual owner of a domain, but we can send the invoice to a third party. This does not in any way change liabilities (payment, etc.) or the risk of having services shut off for unpaid bills or services.

Our hope is that you as a customer will be pleased with these changes that are meant to clarify the invoicing so that it essentially is the month-to-month cost that is invoiced. Even if you have quarterly or yearly invoicing, this will help clarify cost breakdown.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Download the information in PDF here!