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Hosting in Stockholm, Sweden

Hosting in Stockholm, Sweden

Rackfish has it’s primary hosting location i Stockholm, Sweden – in the state-of-the-art Telecity II  Equinix datacenter, and our backup location in Uppsala, 70 km away.

Why do we host in Stockholm?

Through the operator neutral datacenter in Stockholm we have the possibility to manage our own internet networking. We use a variety of internet providers for transit of our traffic, as well as peering (interchanging traffic with other providers).

There are strong reasons for hosting in Sweden: Green energy, cool climate, well-educated work force from some of the oldest universities in the world (Uppsala University where our HQ is located was founded in 1477).

Sweden also has a great infrastructure, with a very mature Internet audience. Pair that with strong laws on data-protection and you have a perfect match.

Some key-facts for our hosting setup:

* All servers has redundant power, from the power-supplies to different locations in the power-grid

* Redundant battery backup (UPS) and diesel generators

* Manned security 24/7/365

* All servers have redundant Internet connetions, from the network interface to the routers and from there several ways out, via both data-centers.

Above that, we use a very secure and redundant setup for the servers, monitoring and hands-on service by qualified engineers.

If you are looking for quality hosting based in Stockholm, Sweden – do talk to us!

Pic: (c) miaikransen under Creative Commons Licence

(post has been updated in 2017)

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